yin yoga : program

Yin plays an important role in the balance of your regular practice

of asanas. It is a complementary asset of other forms of yoga practiced

and for an advanced entry into the practice of meditation.


The teacher training in Yin Yoga is offered by a renowned Indian



The syllabus of fifty hours of training consists of two components.

The first introduces the most essential philosophical knowledge including the Yamas, the Niyamas, the relevance of the Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana. but also psychic breathing.
The second presents all the anatomical principles of Yin, in order to guide students in good postures and in good alignment.

Students will study the method of understanding stretching reflexes to better understand the human body and the beneficial effects of Yin Yoga.
The proposed training details the twenty main postures of Yin Yoga as well as variations.


 Yin Yoga teachers


Includes: 50 hours of classes, exercises, accessories (cushions, bricks), lodging and meals.
Excludes: Transport, exits.

7 days Programme               

           8h00 -  10h00 Pratique

                10h00  -  10h20 Tea break

                10h20  -  13h15 Theory

                 13h15  -  14h15 lunch

                 14h15  - 16h00 Theory

                16h00  -  17h30 Postures Analysis


   Philosophy courses/anatomy/methodology and pedagogy of teaching and practice.   

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