yin yoga

Yin represents the passive, feminine and lunar energy. Yin Yoga has a unique character as it focuses on access to connective tissues and fascias, deeper than muscles or joints. It is beneficial for maintaining the flexibility of the joints. In addition, most yin yoga postures are designed around the joints (shoulders, knees, hips, sacrum and spine).  Yin Yoga presents a more introspective character by the duration of the postures (3 to 10 minutes) and leads to meditation more easily.

The practice of long postures helps to calm the system, to channel energy, to control the breathing and to direct to the inner consciousness. The yang part is activated by the commitment of the muscles and joints in the extended stretching.

A Yin Yoga course can be practiced with accessories (cushion, brick) and meditative music. This allows practitioners to experience inner silence and a deep concentration. With a finally stable spirit one can explore its emotions, feelings and observe its perception.

It is Paulie Zink, American martial arts champion who launched the basics of Yin Yoga in the modern world.  Today Yin Yoga is very popular. This is why in Dar Ti Jamat we offer yin yoga sessions and a yin teacher training framed by excellent Indian specialists.


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