Diane Prigent 

Passionated by adventure and yoga, Diane globe-trots to share her knowledge and to spread joy and inner-peace with her students. Originally from Brittany, Diane discovers yoga while studying her bachelor in Art and Fashion in the U.S.A. As she noticed the benefits of her practice on personal development and balance, Diane intensified her training.

She left NYC to join in a long-term Hatha Yoga teacher training in L.A where she successfully graduated and began her teaching journey.  She also deepened her research and knowledge about spiritual and holistic healing techniques and trained in Harmonyum healing Therapy, system aimed to align the energy and to reconnect beings with the essence of their inner selfs. She is also introduced to sound healing which techniques and studies fascinate her. After five years in the U.S.A., Diane comes back to Paris where she graduates from an M.B.A. in marketing specialised in fashion and luxury while teaching in a few Parisian studios.

Determined to strengthen her yogic education, Diane moves to Rishikesh in India where she lives for 6 months in an orphanage as a volunteer in management, education and services. She frequents a few ashrams until meeting one fo her Gurus, Yogishri Vishvektu, founder and master of Akhanda Yoga.

She trains with him and studies this holistic technique which brings together knowledge from ancient teachings and advancements in modern science.

By Ganga, in the foothill of the Himalayas she learns to integrates organically in her classes a philosophic theme, mantras (Non dogmatic indian chants), pranayama (breath work), asanas (postures), and Dhyana (meditation). In addition, she develops her knowledge about sound healing and trains in sound therapy with sacred Tibetan bowls. She also studies and trains in Ayurvedic therapy through the Kerala massage technique.

Carried by her motivation to share these techniques and to learn from more cultures, Diane has been practicing in Paris, Tulum (Mexico), and in Brazil where she learnt from shamans and different spiritual healers. She is now part of the Om Yoga team in Marrakech.

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